Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lampire Laboratories? or Vampire Laboratories ?

Lampire Biological Laboratories is a lab that specializes in selling cells that develop antibody, human and animal blood products, and different tissues and organs. This company was founded in 1977 in Pennsylvania. The company has two large animal facilities covering over 450 acres in some of the best agricultural places in North America. The facilities house from large farm domestic animals to small laboratory animals. These animals make custom antisera (a serum containing antibodies), plasma, and red blood cell production, then they are turned into products that are sold. The current president of the company is Gregory R. Krug.

I think that it is very interesting to know how our vaccinations are made I have read about how a lot of our vaccinations come from animals that are hosted on. I am very glad that Lampire does what they do because it helps the world to prevent less deaths and sicknesses. It is very important that they do what they do and that the community do not criticize there work and their experimentation with animals because vaccinations are much more important to us and the company knows what they are doing to prevent as few animal deaths as possible.

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