Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guest Speaker and Eye Dissection!

Guess speaker and sheep eye dissection, biology doesn't get better than that very often. Today Dr. Fong gave us a very interesting lecture about they eye showing us many fascinating things that our book did not cover. She first showed us a model of the eye and the parts in they eye that allows us our vision. Then she showed us a couple of pictures from the in side of the eye showing the retina. It was very interesting because she described to us how she could identify different characteristics or a person just by looking at the inside of the patient's eye, such as if someone was blond, if they have diabetes, if the person was young. I also learned that no two person's irises are the same, even if they are identical twins! She also explained to us why people were either nearsighted or farsighted. She explained why there is a blind spot in our eye, and the answer to that question is because the blind spots connects cells to our brain to process the information.
Sheep eye dissection was memorable experience. Our group dissected they eye and we studied the anatomy in it. We saw some of the blood vessels around the eye and when we were dissecting it vitreous humor a jelly that holds the shape of the eye fell slipped out and we had some fool around a bit with it. We saw the lens and Dr. Fong said that the sheep must have been old since the lens was hard. It was a very interesting experience getting to study the anatomy of an eye.

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